Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Trip Back To The 90s

Duty nights. We all act like we hate those lonely nights, but secretly we are enjoying our alone time. Don’t lie. We get to relax. The T.V. remote is mine, and I don’t have to share any of my wine! After dealing with 7 months apart, one night away from my husband is like a breather that we don’t necessarily need, but accept. Of course, I could absolutely do without ever having to deal with duty nights. But alas, they exist. Sorry baby.. 

How did I spend my night while my husband was on duty? I popped open a bottle of wine and watched something my husband wouldn’t ever entertain the idea of watching. I journeyed back to my early childhood and found one of my favorite movies from the 90s – Wish Upon a Star.

Who remembers old school, teenage Katherine Heigl? If you haven’t seen this movie it’s on Instant Netflix right now.
All types of memories came flooding back last night while watching Katherine Heigl in super matchy-matched miniskirts, midriff jackets and scrunchies. I was only 8 when this movie first surfaced, but I grew up with it. I wore that recorded VHS out. I sat on the couch last night wishing I could be back in my childhood bedroom, worrying simply about passing a science test, and whether “Billy” was going to say “hi” to me at school. The memories from my childhood in the 90s just make me giggle. Who remembers scrunchies, platform shoes and knee high stockings? Or actually having to watch music videos on MTV to be able to listen to our favorite songs that you desperately tried to record onto VHS. This movie brought it all back and two things stood out to me regarding the 90s.

 First, Wish Upon a Star reminded me the fashion from the 90s should never return.

Metallic like purple lipstick, plastered bangs to one side, silver eye shadow, glitter, those little backpack that fit maybe a brush and hangs down by your lower back, and have I mentioned srunchies? What the hell we’re we thinking?! And don't even get me started on the grunge look. The only thing that should ever resurface from the fashion then should be… I’m drawing a blank. 

Also from the movie I was reminded of the pop music from the 90s. Mostly upbeat, pop back then was not necessarily for dancing, but for bopping around. Try dancing to a 90s pop song. You can’t. But you maybe used a brush handle and sang your favorite song to the mirror. Guilty.

I love that I was able to watch this movie (thank you Netflix). It made my night as I remembered the wonderful childhood I had in the 90s. What are some of your memories from the 90s?


  1. haha I totally forgot about that movie! Ohh my, 90s fashion. May it never come back!

  2. Not gonna lie. The last time my husband had duty I totally watched this on Netflix too. Awesome.

  3. So funny! I loved this movie when I was younger and I too watched it recently! It was as good as I remembered. "Is that... stubble?!" haha. The last duty day I ended up watching Lady and the Tramp and a bunch of other stuff my marine would never watch with me. It's so true! Every once in a while it's nice to have a whole night to myself.

  4. Wish upon a star was my freaking favorite!!!!! OMG! What a throwback!


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